The most colourful trails

  Endless cycling and hiking through fields and forests and along the Meuse

  • Hammer Series Sittard-Geleen
    Recreation Hammer Series Sittard-Geleen Sittard-Geleen launched this world-first cycling concept that has proven to be a hit with cycling fans. The concept incorporates three challenges: the Hammer Sprint, Hammer Climb, and Hammer Chase.
  • St. Rosa Festival
    Recreation St. Rosa Festival From 24 August up until and including 26 August, the historic city centre of Sittard is host to the annual festival of St. Rosa. Once again, the varied programme caters to young and old and is filled with art, culture, and delicious food.
  • Sittard Oktoberfest
    Recreation Sittard Oktoberfest The Sittard-Geleen Oktoberfest will liven up the city from 12 October up until and including 17 October. For six days there will be much to do for both young and old. The programme is filled with international top-acts, a fair, and cosy pavilions.
  • Groove Garden Outdoor
    Recreation Groove Garden Outdoor 26 and 27 May it's time for the thirteenth edition of the Groove Garden Festival and this requires a special celebration! DJ Mag's finest were well-represented at Groove Garden the past twelve years.
  • Mama’s Pride
    Recreation Mama’s Pride Mama's Pride is a free pop festival that takes place during the second weekend of May in the Burgemeester Damen park in Geleen each year. This year there are even more bands and more fun to be had!