Thursday market in Sittard

Market stalls cover the market square. Delicious smells overrun the old city centre. Sittard's weekly market is held every Thursday against the beautiful backdrop of the historic façades of the market square. A trip to the market is always a fun outing with an international flair. Visitors are guaranteed to find the best offers, fresh seasonal products, and unique specialities. Charming café terraces invite you to stop and relax along your way. The weekly market, with over 100 stalls, takes place every Thursday morning from 8 AM to 1 PM.

Organic Saturdays

Well-stocked stalls present a wide selection of products and a feast for the eye: regional produce straight from local farmers, heirloom vegetables, unusual fruit and vegetables, and fresh herbs and spices. Dutch products are preferred, even if some may be the more expensive choice. At the market, you can get all you need to cook your meals for the week. Bread, dairy, vegetables, fruit, meat, dry goods,wine, cheese, herbs, spices, and flowers are all on offer.

All products sold are organic, and what makes the market particularly unique is that at many of the stalls you'll be speaking to the people who produce the goods themselves, so you have the chance to take your questions straight to the source, the maker of the products.

The organic market takes place on Steenweg in Sittard.
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