Going out

Among the students, Wednesday and Thursday nights are popular nights for going out, but the weekends are also bursting with things to do. You will find the liveliest cafés on and around Markt square. What Sittard-Geleen lacks in stereotypical student cafés, it makes up for with its dozens of first rate pubs on the market square, each with its own atmosphere. It's perfect territory for a pub crawl! Many of the cafés have student nights, so keep your eye on the UIT-agenda!

The market square is also a great place to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere, old town charm, and famous Limburg hospitality during the day as well. Just a five-minute bike ride from the city centre you will find two noteworthy entertainment spots: Foroxity, the biggest cinema complex in Limburg, and popular music venue Poppodium Volt. But if neither of those are your cup of tea, you can also check what's on in the city theatre, arthouse cinema, and playhouse.