In Sittard-Geleen, all study facilities and programmes are easy to reach by bicycle, car, bus, and train.


All facilities in the city are very reachable by bicycle, thanks to an extensive network of well-maintained cycle paths.


Sittard-Geleen has a bus system that operates frequent and reliable services. The bus times are very well coordinated with each other and with the trains to make transfers convenient. and Arriva


Between the big cities in South Limburg (Maastricht, Heerlen, Sittard-Geleen), there are four trains per hour that also call at Meerssen, Beek, Geleen, Valkenburg, Voerendaal, Schinnen, Nuth, Hoensbroek, Landgraaf, and Kerkrade. There is also a train to Eindhoven every fifteen minutes.