High concentration of industrial & business parks

Nowhere in Limburg is the concentration of business parks as high as in Sittard-Geleen. The SME entrepreneurs of Sittard-Geleen are, to a very real extent, the lifeblood of the industrial and business parks, and therefore of the local economy. Good accessibility, safety and an upstanding image are the ingredients for a healthy business climate at the business parks. This healthy entrepreneurial climate is an essential component that can only be obtained through a shared and sustainable approach.

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The following is a list of industrial and business parks in Sittard-Geleen:

Business Park Geleen

10.5-hectare business park with flexible commercial units in the heart of the city; lot sizes are not fixed, but composed to meet the entrepreneur's needs.

Flexible business locations
Do you need business space, storage space, or office space right now? It's out there. Multiple parties have it to offer at Business Park Geleen, the flexible business park that adapts to the entrepreneur's needs.

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Business parks fact sheet

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Chemelot Business Park

A chemistry cluster of no fewer than 750 hectares, with more than 100 companies and organizations actively participating and working together. Chemelot is the hotspot for businesses and educational and research institutions in chemistry and materials.

Open innovation

The open working climate promotes knowledge sharing between companies and creates unique opportunities for shared development and accelerated learning. The smart infrastructure and services of Chemelot include world-class laboratories and research facilities, cost-efficient analysis and development services, and all-around expertise in areas from performance materials to industrial chemicals. Open innovation and knowledge sharing can happen in a wide range of knowledge areas at all phases of the life cycle.

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Chemelot business park fact sheet


Bergerweg Trade Centre

Business park of up to 60 hectares with a variety of users including large and small-scale retail. Here you will find production companies, services and trade companies. Located on the west side of Sittard, between Hasseltsebaan (connecting route with Roermond) and Bergerweg (connection to the A2).

Local involvement

At the Bergerweg Trade Centre, you will find that the owner/entrepreneur is often the one you will encounter working at the business. The entrepreneurs of the Bergerweg Trade Centre frequently own their own business property or have the intention to acquire it. Social commitment is high. The entrepreneurs are very involved in the local environment and region, and are often willing to invest in it, because they know these investments have a high win-win potential.

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Bergerweg Trade Centre fact sheet

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Holtum Noord I

Business park approx. 87 hectares in size, with barge and rail terminal, located between the Julianakanaal and the A2. Multimodal hub with container services access by inland waterway and train connections to and from the mainports and the European destinations.

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Holtum Noord Business Park fact sheet

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Holtum Noord II

Business park of approximately 32 hectares to the north of Holtum Noord I. Facilities for transshipment and transport of goods by road, water, and rail; warehousing; and goods processing (Value Added Logistics).

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Holtum Noord Business Park fact sheet

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VDL NedCar business park

High-tech location of 94.5 hectares for production and assembly of cars, also used by suppliers in the chain. Located directly off the A2.

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VDL NedCar business park fact sheet

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Fortuna Business Village

Compact, high-quality, and modern business village of 47 hectares, just 650 m from the city centre and station area of Sittard.

Top-quality construction

At Fortuna Business Village, sustainability and future added value go hand-in-hand with urban design and architectonic quality. This will guarantee the value stability of the area and the infrastructure for years to come.

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Fortuna Business Village fact sheet

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Industrial Park Noord

Industrial park of 142.5 hectares, partly traditional and partly modern. On the north side of Sittard, bordering on the municipality of Echt-Susteren. A stone's throw from the A2.

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Industrial Park Noord fact sheet


Sittard Office Park

Office park of 20 hectares with headquarters of internationally operating multinationals. Directly facing the Sittard intercity train station, a short walk from the charming and historic Sittard city centre.

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Office Park Sittard fact sheet

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41-hectare business park. The businesses at Krawinkel include both traditional and modern. Krawinkel is at the south end of Geleen, bordering on the A76. The trunk road straight off the site makes an excellent connection to the motorway running between Aachen and Antwerp.

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Krawinkel fact sheet

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Retail Park Sittard-Geleen

Ten-hectare business park for retail, set up as a boulevard where visitors can find everything for home, garden, and pets. Good location directly on Urmonderbaan, a four-lane road leading straight to the A2.

More info
Retail Park Sittard-Geleen fact sheet

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Sluisweg Business Park

Business park of approximately 30 hectares between the Julianakanaal and the Sittard-Born freight railway line. Currently home to some 40 companies, including an international business specializing in the storage and distribution of cars.

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Sluisweg business park fact sheet