Environment for sporting excellence

Sportzone Limburg combines and coordinates the disciplines of sports, academics, and working life. The combination presents people with the made-to-measure solutions for combining their studies or careers in society with sporting ambitions. Limburg's wonderful environment is also an excellent place for sports, and the Sportzone Limburg is the result of the unique synergy of sports, education, health care, industry, and the public sector here that this environment fosters. Better performance, top sports, maximum talent development, and new knowledge happen here.

Top location

Sportzone Limburg has a clear focus on the sports with roots in the region, like handball, athletics, triathlon, cycling, table tennis, and indoor and outdoor football. The Dutch Athletics Association (Atletiekunie) has chosen Sportzone Limburg as the place to establish its national pole vaulting training centre, and Sportzone Limburg is now also the home to the Dutch Triathlon Association's training centre. In 2013, the national mountain bike selection moved here to take maximum advantage of Sportzone Limburg's training facilities and the scientific knowledge being produced by the Top Sport Expertise & Innovation Centre. And the American cycling federation USA Cycling has also chosen the Sportzone as a home base, with the object of training their cycling talent right here in South Limburg.

Joined forces

Sportzone Limburg is the facility in Sittard-Geleen where sports, education, health care, and business combine their strengths to achieve better performance in professional and amateur sports, maximum talent development, and new knowledge. These three segments are working together to give children, young people, and professionals the chance to make their dreams come true. From learning to perform to Going for Gold, at Sportzone Limburg everyone can get the best out of themselves.


Beating heart

The area around the Fortuna Sittard football stadium is the beating heart of Sportzone Limburg. This is where businesses, schools, and sports clubs get the best out of themselves and each other. Around the periphery of the complex and in the immediate vicinity of the stadium, there are 23,000 m² of sports and educational facilities, plus another 22,000 m² of space for commercial functions.

Fitland XL

Fitland XL Sittard has a professional sports facility, fitness rooms, dance halls, wellness and sauna facilities, hotel rooms, business and meeting rooms, a climbing and bouldering gym, restaurants, and bowling lanes. It is also home to a number of teaching institutions that keep the lines between teaching and business very short for their students.

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