The hospitable hospital

Zuyderland in Sittard-Geleen is an ultra-modern hospital, a technologically advanced centre where patients can count on the comfort and efficiency of traditional care. The doors of Zuyderland Medical Centre's Care Boulevard are open to all in need of both cure and care. A wide range of care partners and providers are housed here, and provide support in research, treatment, rehabilitation, advising, information, and public relations.

Zuyderland was voted best hospital in Limburg in 2014.

Extra-special care

Zuyderland Medical Centre opened its doors in the municipality of Sittard-Geleen in January 2009 as the Netherlands' first paperless hospital, with all single rooms, a fully computerized stock management and waste processing system, its own ‘green’ power plant, and perhaps most importantly, its unique approach to the patient. This state-of-the-art medical centre is home to Zuyderland Medical Centre (the hospital), Zuyderland Rehabilitation, Zuyderland Mental Health Care, and the Care Boulevard.

Over 2500 people work here, including 170 medical specialists providing for the medical needs of a care region of some 200,000 people.

Zuyderland Medical Centre's three key focus areas are:

  • Creating a feeling of home: The patient is a guest, and stays in a single room with private toilet facilities.
  • The patient is the most important focus at all points of the care process. All necessary care, whether medical, paramedical, or psychiatric, is within reach at all times during the patient's stay.
  • Smart ICT applications make the stay as pleasant as it can be, enhance rather than impede the human aspect, and optimize the care process. All the patient-specific information and all other information is available always and everywhere throughout the hospital, right to the patient's own bedside.

Zuyderland At Home

Through its network of some 3000 committed and enterprising people, Zuyderland At Home provides in-home care to care clients in the Western Mijnstreek and environs (from Beek to Echt). The care varies from nursing and medical treatment to home care, youth health care, and domestic assistance. Zuyderland At Home cares for clients with many common care needs, as well as the more uncommon target groups. All activities are dedicated to the pursuit of the goal of allowing clients in the region to lead their lives on their own for as long as possible. Zuyderland at Home has defined a number of key focus areas for the coming years, such as expanding small-scale living and care facilities, and offering more and new forms of care in the community through community teams and using the latest technologies.

Dr. van der Hoffplein 1
6162 BG Sittard-Geleen, The Netherlands