Living the way you want

In Sittard-Geleen, you can live the way you like: urban or rural. And the city offers a lot of space at attractive prices. Whether you're looking for the perfect starter home or a nice place to retire to, your ideal home is here, in Sittard-Geleen.

Historic city centre

For many people, living in the bustling and lively historic city centre is a dream. Perhaps even yours! Because in a charming city centre, there's always something to do and experience. Imagine if the lovely historic fa├žades in the quaint, winding streets were your walk home from work every day. Or even your place to come home to! Behind their stately and historic outer walls, many of these lovingly restored buildings offer all the modern comforts. And with the city parks and gardens in your neighbourhood along with all the many shops and boutiques, you truly have the best of both worlds.


Adjacent to the twin city centres of Sittard-Geleen you will find the outlying residential communities that many, especially young families, call home. The communities are spacious by design, and offer a good range of shops, schools and play areas. A further advantage is that they are nicely out in the green, with beautiful nature areas to enjoy within walking distance. In short, the perfect place to grow up.

Living green

Sittard-Geleen has recently seen the completion of the sustainable community 'De Haese,' a highlight of green architectonics. Comfortable, quiet location, compact homes, beautifully designed to be energy and heat-efficient. And it's in a perfect location, just five minutes' drive from all points in Sittard-Geleen.


Meuse villages

Just outside the city centres lie the picturesque Meuse villages, with their own charm and identity. The Meuse and the green woods in this beautiful landscape will very quickly make you feel like you're on holiday. The people who live here have a strong sense of belonging, and share a thriving and enriching cultural scene. From here, you can be in the centre of Sittard or Geleen within five minutes by car.

Villa communities

Sittard-Geleen has several villa communities at prime locations, the best-known of which is Kollenberg. Atop a hill in a wooded environment, with spectacular views of the historic city centre, this is living at a sublime spot, surrounded by green and yet just five minutes' walk from the heart of the city.