Water domain

Geleen brook valley

Discover this green treasure and home of the wild European hamster. Wander along orchards, grasslands, and rolling wooded hillsides. Following the Geleen brook, you will pass pools, brush, and stepped hillsides. Keep your eyes out for kingfishers and the European mistletoe.

Meuse Valley

On the border between Dutch and Belgian Limburg, you find the Meuse Valley, a magical landscape crafted by the River Meuse itself. It is a living river with many faces – raging white water in the winter, peacefully flowing in the warm summer months. The washlands change with the seasons, and here you can stroll over livestock paths and gravel ridge crests to your heart's content. The banks are even more beautiful when viewed from the water by kayak. Boating on the wild Meuse is adventurous and meditative. There are several places along the river to rent kayaks or board tour boats. Along the way you will see picturesque pools, marshes, flowery meadows, and wild river woodlands. A walk or cycling trip through this stunning landscape is a great way to clear your head.

A stroll through the wilds

In this area, you can get off the trail and follow your own path. If you do this, always remember to keep a safe distance (25 m) from any Konik horses and Galloway cattle you may find grazing the area. This is for both the animals' peace of mind and your own safety.

Water in the canals

After a long period of preparation and a unique underground drilling project, water now flows from the canals of Sittard to the embankments at Begijnenhof and Dominicanen, Sittard's former convent and monastery. The completion of this project was a technical achievement unprecedented in the Netherlands: a drill bore one metre in diameter below the city, over a length of more than 400 metres! This restores some of the old history of the ancient centre of Sittard, and is an attraction for both residents and visitors.