Gardens and greenery in the historic city centre

The historic city centre has a rich selection of small and intimate outdoor green space. The city gardens are beautiful examples, and give you an idea of the wealth of green right in the heart of the city. It's no wonder that these courtyard gardens are so popular with visitors.

Secret gardens

In and around the old city centre, you will find a great many gardens, parks, and courtyards that are open to the public; these are seen but rarely recognized for the lost and forgotten treasures they are. Together, they make up a rich and living tapestry of the history of the city. They tell us a story. Discover the twenty-four secret gardens here.

Heemtuin IVN Munstergeleen

Heemtuin lies in the Hondskerk recreation area, where wanderers strolling the Pieterpad can enjoy a healthy dose of unspoilt nature. If you are looking for a breath of fresh air, you will find it here. A visit to Heemtuin, which makes up an organic component of Hondskerk, is almost like finding yourself wandering an earthly garden of delights. Here you can admire 500 different types of plants, including an extraordinary collection of 70 different sedges.