The city is a perfect jumping-off point for those seeking the beauty of nature. Sittard-Geleen has deservedly won the title of 'Greenest City in the Netherlands' for several years running.

City park

Sittard's city park can genuinely be called a true 'people park'. Here, from first light you will find children strolling around the duck pond with their parents, kids playing ball on the event grounds, and fisherman patiently watching their bobbins on the side of the rowing pond. As this suggests, water is a central element of this verdant green park. In addition to the ponds, the flow of the Geleen and Molen brooks pass through here.


Until 1985, the centre of the park was occupied by an open-air swimming pool. Today, the elegant lines of the old façade now serve as the entrance to the event grounds. Hidden deep within the green, you can still find an old stone sluice. A construction drawing from 1752 indicates that this sluice was already an old ruin even then! If you're an art lover, you'll find plenty to see in the city park. It is home to a number of noteworthy works of art, including the Donald de Leest ceramic sculpture Mother and child.

National heritage

The city park is currently under consideration for the designation of National Heritage status.

Burgemeester Damenpark

This park in Geleen is also very centrally located and offers a great deal of natural beauty. It's an ideal spot for a short walk or an escape for a little peace and quiet, with plenty of places to bask in the sun or seek the shade under the canopy of the trees. The park hosts a whole series of events in spring and summer, with something of interest for everyone.