A professional pop music stage with doors wide open. Its appealing programme makes it a strong draw for the entire region. It offers rehearsal and recording space for both beginning and advanced musicians. A place for doing and learning. A salon for fans of any and all popular music genres. A talent factory. Everyone is welcome to come and enjoy the diversity of pop culture – and to make their own contribution to the scene.


Artamuse, the centre for music, dance, and cultural education has a lot to offer both young and old. Sometimes words are not enough – that's when the music starts! Music teaching at Artamuse is structured around three departments, each with its own instruments, specific vocal styles, and different educational approach. Likewise, the Artamuse dance programme focuses on three disciplines, each dedicated to a specific style of movement, music, and teaching. Artamuse has a special curriculum for schools, and is active with music and dance not only indoors, but outdoors. Artamuse is for everyone, from beginners to advanced students to seasoned performing amateurs; young people, aspiring professionals, adults, and seniors; instrumental associations and choirs, as well as non-organized groups and individual aficionados.

For more information, see www.artamuse.nl
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