Enjoying the good life

The heart of this venerable city welcomes you with spectacular historic buildings and traditional timbered houses. The picturesque, winding shopping streets lead you gently but surely to the beautiful market square. The many cafés and restaurants with heated terraces invite you to pull up a chair after a few hours of relaxed shopping or a day spent viewing our impressive heritage.


In Limburg, they know how to enjoy the good life. You can feel it, you can see it, and you can taste it. In the evening hours, the city buzzes with life. The old market square is a lively crossroads where residents and visitors alike come together in an open and friendly atmosphere to enjoy all the night has to offer. From children and students to families and senior citizens, everyone feels at home here. Some prefer the traditional fare of an old-fashioned pub, others a hip lounge, and still others one of the many restaurants that take you on a culinary trip around the world; whatever your fancy, choices abound.

No cars, yet no trouble getting around

The historic city centre is very restrictive of motor traffic, so you never have to worry about noise or cars whizzing about you. But parking is so close by it's like driving right into the city. Or better yet, come by bike, so you can ride right up and park on the market square.


A culinary journey

The historic main square is a natural place to meet like-minded culinary adventurers. You can travel ‘around the world’ with your lunch and dinner options, with Spanish and Mexican heat, Mediterranean joie de vivre, unconventional Australian and South American, original bagels, Chinese, Fusion, Thai, Greek, Italian, or classic French cuisine. You can also get to know authentic regional Limburg food.   

Many hidden gems
But likewise, outside the historic heart of the city centre, there are plenty of hidden gems waiting to be discovered. A little further on, you find the charming cafés and restaurants of the centre of Old Geleen. Then, there are the individual church villages where you can find the unique clusters of village cafés, usually around the church. From Café Salden in Limbricht (perennially voted among the top 100 of the most welcoming cafés in the country) to Auw Pastorie in Born, where you can taste the delights of North Spanish cuisine.