Born Castle Park

Outing for the whole familyThe trumpeter swans greet every visitor enthusiastically with their trumpet call, and the greater rheas and alpacas come closer to see what's going on. Swans, geese, and ducks swim round lazily in the canals, and flights of exotic tropical birds swarm above you as you stroll through the great walk-in aviary.

In the park, you pass deer, predators, porcupines, and primates. And you can pet the goats and sheep to your heart's content. The playground is conveniently right next to the restaurant terrace, so parents can enjoy a little refreshment while the children tear around on the playground equipment or play in the sand of the sandbox. And when it's warm, the Castle Park is a great place to escape the heat, under the shade of the old trees. 

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Indoor playgrounds

Sittard-Geleen has an amazing indoor playground. Ideal for a day out with the kids. Rain or shine, this playground paradise is waiting for you. Jump on a mega trampoline, surmount obstacle courses, play in the ball pit, and much, much more. Fun for the whole family – perfect for children's birthdays, parties, and school trips. Come play with us!

Lissabonlaan 30
6135 LE Sittard



Sittard-Geleen has a number of fun playgrounds that they will want to play in all day.

’t Weike
’t Weike is a smaller, more intimate playground in Geleen that is long on the classics: see-saws, swings, and climbing bars. After its recent renovation it is fully in compliance with all current standards.

Thienbunder Sittard
Thienbunder is a unique play area nestled between the trees in a lovely wooded environment. There is ample shade, but also plenty of places to get out and soak up the sun on fine days. And Thienbunder has no less than fifty different playground objects, all certified.


De Paddestoel playground
With its selection of classic playground equipment, De Paddestoel playground in Born succeeds in maintaining the authentic feel of a good old-fashioned playground while combining it with select modern play facilities.  Whatever your child's pleasure, a good time is guaranteed.

De Roetsj playground
Recently renovated, De Roetsj playground in Limbrichterveld is the ideal place for children's parties, school trips, or just a quick play outing. The playground is criss-crossed with paved paths, making it very accessible for the less abled as well.