The six best hiking and walking trails in Sittard-Geleen

Sittard-Geleen is a hiker's paradise, with trails of all kinds through woods, parks, and city gardens. This beautiful area offers many different hiking and walking trails. Together with the Zuid-Limburg Tourist Board, we present the six best hiking and walking trails in Sittard-Geleen.

Sittard historic city trail (3 km)

Anyone walking through Sittard’s city centre can feel the history around them. You can always count on a warm welcome on any visit to the charming old city centre and impressive historic buildings of Sittard-Geleen. The al fresco terraces on the lively market square are a delightful place to relax on a sunny day, while the many different cafés and restaurants make it a joy to indulge in hearty Limburg cuisine throughout the year. If you're in need of some timeout, go catching your breath in the secret city gardens. Be intrigued by the winding little streets with their wealth of boutiques you won't find anywhere else. Experience Sittard’s famed joie de vivre and discover the most captivating stories from Sittard’s past. Go on a truly unforgettable guided tour of the city centre.
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Rivierpark Maasvallei trail (10.1 km)

Traverse the beautiful area of Rivierpark Maasvallei on this hiking trail, as you admire the magical landscape laid out by the Meuse. Discover the picturesque villages of Obbicht and Grevenbicht, each with their own charm and identity. The Meuse and the green woods in this beautiful landscape will make you feel like you're on holiday in no time. Follow the green posts that mark this trail, so you can clear your head while enjoying a refreshing breeze!
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From one City Park to another (9.4 km)

This is the perfect trail for the novice hiker. Discover both Sittard City Park and Geleen City Park on this trail. The trail starts in Sittard’s monumental City Park. At first light, children stroll around the duck pond with their parents, kids play sports on the event grounds, and fishers patiently watch their bobbins from the banks, waiting for the fish to bite. Water is a prominent feature of this wonderfully green park. The trail then follows the beloved Geleenbeek (Geleen brook), which passes pools, trees and hedges, stepped hillsides, and the beautiful Peter Karel Chapel in Munstergeleen, which is definitely worth a visit. The trail ends in the Burgemeester Damenpark in Geleen, another very centrally located park with a great deal of natural beauty.
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Swentibold Rollenroute (6.7 km)

This is an ideal trail for the whole family! Explore the scenic Rivierpark Maasvallei and discover the beautiful Limbrichterbos (Limbricht forest) and Kasteelpark Born (Castle Park Born). The animal park in Castle Park Born is great for a day out with the kids and is only a short walk from Castle Limbricht, a beautiful castle that dates as far back as the tenth century. The recently renovated Castle Limbricht is a favourite among food lovers, primarily because of Het Proeflokaal's rich gourmet menu. To create their richly flavoured dishes, Castle Limbricht’s kitchen and butcher use fresh and local produce as well as herbs and vegetables grown on the castle grounds.
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Sint Rosaroute (13.8 km)

We highly recommend this one! The Sint Rosaroute (St. Rose trail) begins in the village of Schinnen and winds through the breathtaking area all the way to the centuries-old market square of Sittard. This enchanting hiking trail takes you past the Sint Rosakapel (St. Rose chapel), which looks particularly magical in sunny weather. The residents of Sittard built the chapel in 1671 to thank the patron saint of the city for driving out the plague. The grey posts mark this trail. The historic city centre of Sittard is adorned with historic buildings, churches, convents, and beautiful façades that bring the hiking trail to a picturesque close. The quaint market square is the perfect place to relax your weary legs after a long walk. You can enjoy typical Limburg sweet delicacies or even take a 'culinary tour' of the international establishments that offer lunch and dinner menus.
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The Heemtuinroute (8.0 km)

You simply have to explore this area! The Windraak offers a splendid view over Sittard-Geleen. The highest point in the entire municipality is the best place to view the city at sunset. IVN Mustergeleen’s Heemtuin is located at the Steingraafpad; one of Limburg’s typical 'sunken lanes'. More than 25 biotopes and landscape features have been brought together on a small acreage. Because visitors can view the flora of the Limburg landscape as the plants and animals appear through the seasons, we recommend visiting four times a year. Klooster Abshoven (Abshoven Monastery) and Windraak 31 are excellent locations to stop for something to eat and drink during your hike. This hiking trail also takes you past the sublime Peter Karel Kapel (Peter Karel Chapel) and the beautiful St. Rose vineyard.
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