Culinary walks

The South Limburg Tourist Board organizes a number of different culinary walks and guided tours. Each is a guarantee of being introduced to a special place in Sittard-Geleen. If you are a fan of culture, the Pruifke Zuuver Zitterd walk is for you. A tourist board guide will take you through the historic city centre to a series of charming locations where you will discover local culinary products and customs, highlighting points of interest along the way. Another enjoyable afternoon tour is the Loupentare Hepkes Preuve: an individual tour through the historic city centre, with a guide introducing you personally to a few surprising culinary spots.

Loupentaere Hepkes Pruive in Zitterd

This is the top of the heap when it comes to culinary walking tour packages in Sittard. You will be surprised both by the many sights of the city and the culinary delights that Sittard has to offer. The historic market square is the perfect backdrop for any group visit. The package includes route description, info on points of interest, and four culinary treats. The duration of the walk is four hours, and the cost is €10.20 per person. Book through the South Limburg Tourist Board.

De Brandslang

The Brandslang is a package offered jointly by six unique establishments, all in the historic city centre and all where local favourite Brand beer has been poured for over a hundred years. If you join us for the Brandslang tour, you can expect a fun group and a unique and memorable experience while enjoying Limburg's liquid gold.
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Coffee & More Sittard

The historic city centre of Sittard is famous for the culinary delights of its charming old town. Alongside these, the many cosy pubs and cute boutiques make any visit to the city centre a rich experience. On the Coffee & More walking tour, you can get to know three of the city centre's best-kept secrets, and enjoy two special coffees and a delicious sweet treat along the way. Triple your pleasure! The duration of the walk is two hours, and the cost is €11.50 per person. Reserve by e-mail to

Wèntjerdruim Amuse tour (December only)

The South Limburg Tourist Board offers several culinary walking tours in Sittard-Geleen. Perhaps the most unique among them is the Wèntjerdruim Amuse Tour. Throughout December, when the city is fully decked out for Christmas, guests can stroll from dining spot to dining spot, enjoying a delicious seasonal bite at each one! For more information, see 

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