Popular hikes and walks

Sittard-Geleen is a walker's paradise, with routes of all kinds through woods, parks, and city gardens. All hiking routes are marked as loops, so you can always return to your starting point. Look for the coloured wooden or plastic marker posts - on them, you can find the path indicated in both directions. Plan out your walking route now


The Pieterpad (Peter's Path) is famous among long-distance hikers; it runs literally the full length of the Netherlands, 485 km from Pieterburen at the northernmost tip of the country all the way to the Sint-Pietersberg at the bottom of South Limburg, making it the longest contiguous walking route in the Netherlands. The 24th stage runs from Montfort to the beautiful historic city centre of Sittard-Geleen, the perfect place to abide and rest after a long day's hike on the Pieterpad.  Why not stay the night? Tomorrow, you can continue on from here to Valkenburg.

Kennedy March

On 20 April 1963, seven boys and three girls from the Bisschoppelijk College secondary school in Sittard took an American example to heart and set out to complete the Netherlands' first Kennedy March: a trek of 80 km on foot in 20 hours – no small achievement! Since then, the Kennedy March Sittard has been held every year during the Easter season. This makes the Kennedy March Sittard the oldest Kennedy March in the Netherlands.

City walks

The Sittard Historical Society has released two lovely walking guides to historic Sittard: A walk through the chapel area and Over and along the old fortifications.

Both are available from the South Limburg Tourist Board shop, and both are highly recommended.

Let us show you
To get to know the real story of Sittard, a guided tour of the historic city centre is the only way to go. The guides of DeCompanen are masters of wrapping up the story, the sights, and the lifeblood of Sittard into a complete experience. This kind of experience will be different for everyone. Learn more or book now!